Robotic in Construction industry

"Smart" robotics help to build quickly and safely, produce construction materials with minimal costs.

Robots create 3D models of construction objects, simplifying the tasks of architects and engineers. They are able to replace entire teams of workers, performing tasks of increased complexity and accuracy. They allow you to link many technological functions into a single coherent and continuous process.

As a result of such automation, profits grow and labor costs decrease.


Robots in construction

Robots in construction
  • Intelligent robots

  • lay bricks

  • demolish buildings and structures

  • disassemble structures

  • dismantle and cut metal

  • weld

  • mill

  • transfer and palletize

  • monitor and control technological processes

The load capacity of modern robotic installations reaches 2000 kg or more. Robots successfully solve many problems in the field of construction: they help eliminate the risk of inaccuracies and errors at the design stage of construction projects, minimize the percentage of defects due to the human factor. The low level of noise and vibration, the absence of exhaust gases, safety, compactness, mobility and maneuverability of robotic equipment allows construction work to be carried out around the clock at facilities that are located near residential buildings. A promising direction of robotics is the combination of industrial robots and 3D printing equipment. In China, America and Europe, bridges and residential buildings are already being "printed", manipulator robots and drones are widely used. Companies that will be among the first to master robotics can gain great financial and reputational advantages over competitors.
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