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Introduction of industrial robots into your business increases productivity and efficiency, and reduces costs. Robotec offers services of industrial robots integration into production processes.

The accumulated experience and a large number of implemented projects make it possible to solve tasks efficiently and in a short time, to put into operation integrated solutions, to bring them to the required performance with high reliability and stability. All this makes Robotec one of the leaders in industrial integration. If you would like to know more, you contact us in any way convenient to you and our specialists will answer all of your questions.

Integration/implementation of industrial robots

Integration is the process of programming and suitably equipping industrial robots so that they can perform automated production tasks according to your manufacturing needs. Our main goal, as an integrator of robotic solutions, is to instill a soul into the robot.

The program is the "soul" of the robot. A robot may have an excellent mechanical design and electronic components, but if its program leaves much to be desired and does not take into account all the nuances of its environment, then its performance and ability to perform the task will be extremely low.

We treat each task very systematically. Breaking the project into different stages, and setting the following goals for the successful implementation of each of them:

  • Perform an audit and perform a feasibility study of the project
  • Determine the right robot, tool, and work cell to suit the defined task
  • Provide recommendations on cost optimization during implementation and operation
  • Perform installation and integration work and fully implement the solution into your production process
  • Conduct staff training on (re)programming the robot, as well as the general nuances in the operation of the robot or robotic system.

After the successful integration of the technical solution, we continue to provide technical support to our customers 24/7.

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