Robotec develops and integrates robotic solutions for various industries: automotive, energy sector, aerospace and defense, food production, medical, construction, consumer goods production, metallurgy and many others. Our Integrated Solutions help enterprises of all sizes to achieve their goals, improve productivity, quality and safety.

Pick an Industy:

Robots in the food industry: acceleration of technological processes, perfect cleanliness of production. More
Robots in logistics: fast delivery, 100% safety of goods, perfect order in warehouses. More
High speed, accuracy and safety of modern robotic systems makes them attractive to manufacturers of consumer goods. More
Robots in the pharmaceutical industry have huge speeds, constant quality and purity of production. More
Robots in heavy engineering increase the safety of the production process, free up concealed and irrationally used resources, improve manufacturing quality and productivity. More
"Smart" robotics help to build quickly and safely, produce construction materials with minimal costs. More
High-speed industrial robots, together with automated production lines and high-precision measuring instruments in shipbuilding, are a cost-effective innovative solution that enable the manufacturer to reduce production costs, and increase the speed and quality of ship construction. More
Total robotization in metallurgy and complete replacement of human labor in steelmaking workshops are the realities of the near future. Already, high-speed "smart" robots can replace human labour in many technological operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy industries. More