Robotic Bending Solutions

Metal bending is a popular and dangerous occupation. The strict requirements imposed today on productivity, quality and speed of production have led to an increase in demand for robotized metal bending systems. Maximum precision, high productivity, and economic efficiency give the robotized metal bending cell huge advantages over manual labor.

One bending robot can service two bending presses. Only one worker will be needed to maintain this process, therefore, the cost of labour is reduced in comparison to manual work, where more personnel would be involved.

And most importantly, the robot can work continuously without rest and unnecessary emotions, which greatly contributes to productivity.



Industrial robots for bending are used in following industries:

Advantages of using robots

  • High economic efficiency. Reduction in the number of employees involved in the process, almost complete removal of the human factor, as well as increase in working hours make robotic solutions highly efficient.
  • Maximized productivity. Robots work faster, with higher precision and more reliably without the need to interrupt the production process.
  • Ultra-fast software. Software provides an ultra-fast production process. Based on a three-dimensional drawing, the robot's "brain" simulates a solution for the metal bending sequence. What used to take several hours can now be done in a matter of minutes. This makes it easy to switch from one production process to another and production of smaller series of products, from 30 to 80 pieces, profitable.
  • Profitable production regardless of quantity. Robots can maintain the process of bending without loss of quality and time for preparation or installation of materials, which makes even small-scale production profitable.
  • Consistent quality. The robotized bending cell provides accurate results throughout the entire period of operation. Built-in sensors ensure precise bending of corners and the correct length of the sides. Compensation for the lack of qualified personnel. A bending press worker needs a lot of experience and a very specific set of skills. This makes it difficult to find suitable operators. The robotic bending cell is easy to operate and delivers top results, regardless of the complexity of the parts, 24/7.
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